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Karl Schlecht`s relationship to China

The Karl Schlecht Foundation is involved in various projects in China and for the exchange with China.

In October 2012, it decided to establish the China Center Tübingen (CCT), which will be managed at the University of Tübingen within the framework of the junior professorship in Sinology that it has endowed.

At the same time she founded the (World Ethics Institut Beijing, WEIB).

The reason for the increased commitment of the Karl Schlecht Foundation to China was the merger between Putzmeister and Sany, a Chinese mechanical engineering company.

Here you can download the photo book (3rd updated version dated June 4, 2013), with pictures from April 2012. An interview by Karl Schlecht on the merger between Sany and Putzmeister, published in the Nürtinger Zeitung, can be found here in German as well as in English (PM 12011-e)).

Eröffnung des WEIB am 80. Geburtstag von Karl Schlecht - 28./29. Oktober 2012

On 28th October 2012 Karl Schlecht celebrated his 80th Birthday in Beijing during a University and Business Ethics Mini Seminar and with the presence of the most renowned personalities. If you are interested to read about the event you can view the the Invitation and Birthday guest message from Karl Schlecht as well as Speeches.

On 29th October 2012 the WEIB (World Ethics Institute Beijing) was inaugurated (WEIB-Handbook). We kindly refer you to the following Photostory and the Photobook with WEIB-decision made in Tuebingen.

We will also put at your disposal the following literature of personalities who are well known for their work around ethics in business.

For information about Sany and Karl Schlecht`s top consulting role please click here.

For more information about WEIB please visit the English website:

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