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Erich Fromm Study Center in Berlin

Detailed information about this project "Erich Fromm in Berlin" can be found in SM 130301 (Erich Fromm’s Lectures at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin IPU).

As the founder I have been trying for years to find possible ways also at KSG of promoting teachings and publications of Erich Fromm. My KSG has therefore been financing the project of the digitisation of writings by and from Erich Fromm which has been carried out by Dr. Rainer Funk since 2012.

Fromm Research at the IPU

In the summer semester of 2013 Dr. Rainer Funk took over the lectureship at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin. This was based on the decision of the IPU to justifiably integrate the contributions of Erich Fromm in the field of personality psychology, analytical social psychology and business ethics in research and teaching and by so doing preserve his work for the future.

The funding activity of the Karl Schlecht Foundation contributed towards the IPU being accredited by the Scientific Committee in November 2014. In agreement with Professor Dr. Horst Kächele further steps were taken in 2014 leading to the planning of an Erich Fromm Foundation Professorship within the field of work and organisational psychology. This will be set upt in 2015.


The lectures should impart themes such as the forming of personality and character of managers to the students studying for their Bachelors or Masters Degree at the IPU (approx. about 500 at present). The students learn about the most important psychoanalytical and personal psychological theories about characters. They will be introduced to Fromm’s social character theory and also to the most important empirical results on the connection between working contributions and psychological health and illness. With regard to praxeology, the focus here is on individual and institutional possibilities regarding preventitive health care.

A focal point of the studies is encompassed in the part-time MA “Organisational Studies”. Topics handled here include leadership ethics and company culture. Subjective character features which reflect good managers should also be focused on for this professorship. Furthermore great importance is given to the research of the character and its effects on the conduct of executives. In Module 3 of the course of studies “Organisational Studies” ethical moral basics for leadership are conveyed. These manifest themselves according to Erich Fromm in their ability for reason and love and also as an essential prerequisite of good management.

Research on Erich Fromm’s work will be carried out in co-operation with the Leadership Excellence Institute of the Zeppelin University (LEIZ) in Friedrichshafen and the Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen (EFIT).


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