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Leadership Education

via „Trust-Focused Education”

The ambitious idea behind the foundation`s commitment to "trust-centred education" is to help build trust in oneself and the world. This is the true end of sound leadership.

Such a value-oriented leadership principle is the decisive factor for individual success in personal business relationships, but also in politics and society.

Encouraging adolescents to develop a common awareness of the meaning of ethical success focused business principle is a special priority for the Karl Schlecht Stiftung. Such ethical consciousness is based upon humanistic ethics as an instrument for leadership and constructive cooperation. This Dimension of individual character represents, for the KSG Foundation, the essential core of ethics. It generates the values which ennable human beings to realise their full potential (Erich Fromm).

Therefore, the main objective of the KSG is to help the managers and leaders of tomorrow to develop a value-oriented love for what they do. This set of character based qualities sparks the passion for life-long learning and the love for personal excellence which is the basis of all good leadership and trust.

In order to achieve this goal, the Karl Schlecht Stiftung provides support for humanistic dialogue platforms and character development initiatives via practice oriented university research and teaching.

This KSG - Engagement is qualified by bringing the unifying World Ethos to enrich our life and to encourage young people building trust with these fundamental principles (*) in their daily lives.

 (*) see SM 121126


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