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Wintus stands for „Wind Turbine and Solar“.

This company was founded in 2001 with a capital of 1 Million € as AN-Institute for the Chair for Wind Energy (SWE) donated to the University of Stuttgart by the non-profit foundation Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG).  

The WINTUS company is managed by the founder of the Putzmeister Company,  Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht. In 2006, WINTUS completey became his possession after having sold the Windwin KG to NATENCO GmbH in Echterdingen.

Since then, WINTUS is the platform for his activities in the area of renewable energies. To these belong own investments and affiliated companies at home and abroad.

For maintaining Long-term continuity in this company sector Karl Schlecht transferred all shares of the WINTUS GmbH to the Karl Schlecht Family Foundation (KSF) free of charge.

The Chair of Wind Energy receives 250.000 Euro each year from the KSG. The SWE as first German Chair for Wind Energy Plants is based on a donation given by Karl Schlecht in 2004.

The non-profit foundation KSG puts special emphasis on the promotion of the common welfare, science and training. Basis of all actions of foundation employees is the KSG - value catalogue.

Projects and Affiliated companies:

  1. WINTUS Ibérica
  2. VTE Stará, Chomutov / Czech Republic
  3. VTE Vrbice / Czech Republic
  4. Windpark Dunningen with the E70

Wintus is located in Aichtal (7 km Southwest of the Stuttgart Airport) and has the same address as the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG).

Wintus GmbH: Gutenbergstr. 4, D 72631 Aichtal Tel 0049-7127 599-302 Fax: 0049-7127-599-404, Email:

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