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Thanks God for every KWh

In keeping with this motto the WINTUS companies have the task to win with wind energy and to create values from the unlimited natural and readily available natural sources that nature has to offer by maintaining the highest standards of technology with regard to environmental awareness and consciousness as well as business efficiency.

Accordingly, the non-profit Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG) donated in 2001 a Chair for Wind Energy (SWE) to the University of Stuttgart  and founded the associated AN-Institute WINTUS GmbH.
In 2006,  Karl Schlecht took over all shares of the WINTUS GmbH. After selling the WINDWIN Company to NATENCO, WINTUS GmbH served as platform for realising his entrepreneurial interests in this field.

For securing long-term continuity in this sector in 2014 all shares of the WINTUS GmbH were donated to the Karl Schlecht Family Foundation (KSF)  free of charge.  

We consider it our task to use above all the existing wind potentials and consequently make a contribution for a healthy environment and good life culture by producing clean energy.

Experts estimate that wind energy, which is indirectly produced by sun radiation, provides globally a thousand times more of usable energy than the current energy consumption worldwide. Favourable conditions provided by the State have facilitated the development of productive wind turbines.

We consider Photovoltaic energy as a transitory entrepreneurial opportunity to generate earnings, knowing that in reality our citizens are being deceived because electrity users have to pay from 8 to 10 times of the earnings generated by this power on the basis of the laws regarding Renewable Energies, which we "owe" to the Green Party. Contrary to photovoltatic energy, power obtained by wind energy can be sold at a fair market value.

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