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Merger Putzmeister-Sany

In January 2012, the two global market leaders in terms of concrete pump production - Putzmeister and SANY Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (Changsha, China) - merged. The two foundations KSG and KSF sold 90% of their shares to SANY. Three important criteria and preconditions for a successful merger with SANY were

(a) continuity of Putzmeister operations;
(b) a similar coporate culture based on traditional values; as well as
(c) the financial stability and security of the foundations as a result of lower volatility.

In January 2012, Schlecht was named as the "Top Consultant to the SANY-Group" by SANY-Chairman LIANG Wengen.

SANY also committed its support to the KSG project "Global Economic World Ethos" hosted by the University of Tübingen and, as of October 2012, a similar project at the University of Beijing. The aim of the project is to encourage humanity in business.

The Merger between Sany and Putzmeister in early 2012 has proven to be very fruitful for both parties.

In a report Sany presents the 10 Top events of the year 2012 , among others  the merger with the concrete pump manufacturer Putzmeister.



You can see a nice video or view other documents covering this subject. You can also download an interview of Karl Schlecht with the Nürtinger Zeitung.

A photo book with interesting impressions from the beginning until the successful conclusion of the Putzmeister Sany deal and other snapshots made during the World Ethos Speech in April 2012 can be downloaded here.

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