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Projects of KSG

The Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG), with head office in Aichtal near Stuttgart, is a non-profit foundation under civil law and was established by the graduated engineer Karl Schlecht in October 1998.

At the start of 2012, the foundation held 99% of the shares of the Putzmeister company which the Karl Schlecht Foundation then sold to Sany Heavy Industry Co. in January 2012. Through this sale, the assets of the foundation have reached a value of several hundreds of millions of euro. 

The foundation pursues purposes in the field of science and research, education and ethics, environmental protection and energy efficiency as well as arts and culturally oriented projects. The Karl Schlecht Stiftung sponsors noteworthy projects and institutions which are dedicated to social change. The foundation is committed to an ethical approach conveyed through science, education and training.

The guiding principles of the KSG are:

  1. Strengthening values and ethical standards in human dialog

  2. Take responsibility for actions that abide by the rules of ethical practice

  3. Discover and encourage talents

  4. Promoting cultural education

  5. Support education and research in the field of energy Efficiency

Basis, statute, purpose of the foundation - the founder and mission statement

The founder Karl Schlecht determined the areas of promotion with the foundation`s purpose which supports non-public projects. These are:

  1. Impart ethical thinking and a value-oriented approach which will evolve in companies and educational and non-educational institutions.
  2. Foster holistic personal development for children, adolescents, young adults, and decision-makers in economy and society.
  3. Encourage special talents and excellence in science, education, and culture.
  4. Facilitate and promote participation in art and culture.
  5. Promote sustainable energy through funding of selected  environmental and energy related reseach projects.
  6. Regional projects

Occasionally, the KSG supports outstanding projects and institutions that are committed to social change and have a strong ethical grounding. The project must have a fixed duration for financial support and the recipient must be aware KSG will monitor the use of funds to ensure that they are appropriately used. 

The beliefs and principles (Five-Question-Probe as a simple Ethics Guide of the founder and donor Karl Schlecht are fundamental for the strategic orientation of projects and structural coordination of resources.

True to his life`s maxim "enjoy to serve, improve and create values", the KSG supports intellectually challenging projects that are designed to enhance the transfer of scientific findings into commercial practice. As such, KSG seeks out the positive at social, cultural and political levels. This requires analytical abilities and cognitive faculty as well as a way to deal with criticism and the strong will to search for truth.

The "Five-Question-Test is considered appropriate in terms of behavioural pattern.

  • Is it the truth?
  • Am I honest, open-minded, straighforward?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?



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