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Wind Energy Chair (SWE)

The first foundation’s chair for wind energy in Germany at the University of Stuttgart was established in late 2004 thanks to a donation by Karl Schlecht. In the meantime, there are other foundation chairs in Germany who followed this pioneer model. Nevertheless, this first wind energy chair is still the only one concentraing on the complete wind energy installation and system aspects (system dynamics, regulation) and not only on partial aspects such as steel construction, rotor blade, electrical system etc. - as it is the case in other universities.

Since Prof. Kühn responded to a call from his home town Oldenburg the position for SWE professorship was filled in autumn 2011 by Professor Po Wen Cheng. In addition to his excellent formation he has many years of experience obtained in a company producing wind turbines.More information about Po Wen Cheng can be read in his Who is Who.

Profile of the Chair 

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Pictures from the 60ies

Shortly, you will find more information about the history of wind energy, which was significantly marked by Professor Hütter at the University of Stuttgart. Hütter was the first to apply the knowledge and physical principles of profile aerodynamics of  gliders to the air stream turning rotor blades of wind turbines. This was the subject of his dissertation with the title "Beitrag zur Schaffung von Gestaltungsgrundlagen für die Windkraftwerke".

Please click on the picture below to view rare pictures from the 60ies showing among other wind turbines.

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Prof. Po Wen Cheng

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