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For a successful life it is necessary to increase the knowledge acquired at school, university and from one's own life experience by reading. Important is the willingness and curiosity to learn sincerely from the knowledge and insights of others, exemplary, even historical "masters", and to gain in a human way.

Among the outstanding personalities with foresight and charisma from whom one can learn are people like the following: ....

  1. John D. Rockefeller Sr., Rockefeller US-American entrepreneur, first billionaire in world history and richest person of modern times. He was co-founder of an oil refinery, from which the Standard Oil Company emerged in 1870. Background information, an excellent biography and important SMs about this personality can be found here.
  2. Alfred Herrhausen, German bank manager and spokesman of the board of Deutsche Bank. Under his leadership, Deutsche Bank rose through strategic restructuring and acquisitions to become one of the leading international commercial banks. See also SM 06119.
  3. Heinz Maier-Leibniz, German physicist and President of the German Research Foundation. Further information can be found here here.
  4. Kazuma Tateisi, founder of the Japanese enterprise Omron. More information here.

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