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Leadership at PM

Until the Sany Merger was completed in 2012, the following documents were an expression of the lived corporate culture based on the values catalog of the PM corporate philosophy.

- Putzmeister World Book (PWB)
- Putzmeister Leadership Principles (PFG 9403)
- Together at PM
- Putzmeister Business Principles (GGS)

To this belong the 10 commandments, which you can find on my Website.  The following documents were the expressions until the Sany Merger in 2012. Since 1980 I distributed them and as the owner and CEO at that time I also brought them on the first PM website.

Later, after my resignation as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the then CEO removed it with the remark that such things belonged in the private sphere or in the church.

You can access the current Putzmeister website here.


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