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Perspectives of business ethics for the 21st century

To the series of lectures 2014

This is a series of events of  the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) in co-operation with the ZEIT foundation  Ebelin and  Gerd Bucerius in the course of the General Course of Studies  (Studium generale) at the Bucerius Law School.

Morally and ethically disputable practices both in the financial and banking worlds, an accumulation of corruption scandals, the toleration of tax havens as well as the increase of precarious working conditions or the wasteful handling of resources -   a great deal of development over the last few years has been contradictory to exemplary and sustainable business ethics.

Moreover, this reveals  how there is a lack of consensus on just what the basis for an ethically and morally standard should be for individuals and enterprises when carrying out business.

Within the context of ever advancing globalisation and liberalisation of market processes, it appears to be indispensable to pose the following question again as to what is socially correct, the role of technical progress as well as what is  “good” and “fair” business.

The sequence of events “Market, Mankind and Morals” asks what should contemporary Business Ethics for the 21st century comprise of.

With this as a basis, the importance of ethics on different levels of business actions is looked at closely.  Social expectations are examined as well as both the theoretical approach and the current business practice.

The sequence analyses the tension between Business and Ethics – a tension  that is often seen to be insurmountable -  and looks for ways to resolve this for the challenges in modern Business Life.

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