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From learner to teacher

Start a project Company!

Many Entrepreneurship Education programmes take little or no account of trainees. The project "From learner to teacher" starts here. It wants to promote the entrepreneurial thinking and acting of apprentices within the framework of their vocational schools.

In an ideas competition, trainees are called upon to develop a business model that is intended to bring their profession closer to others. For one school year, the participants receive workshops, coaching and advice on setting up a company at their vocational school. The aim is to sensitise people to ideas for self-employment, to enable them to set up a business and to promote creativity and solution orientation.

The project is supported by the organization "WorldSkills Germany", which organizes the World Championships for Professions. The Karl Schlecht Foundation promotes "Learning from learners" because it closes the gap in the "Entrepreneurship Education" of trainees.

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