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Co-Founder Space

In Germany there are about 100 student start-up initiatives with over 10,000 members - a considerable potential of ideas and innovations. However, many ideas are not successfully implemented because the right founding team is missing. However, co-founders who contribute further perspectives and competencies to the venture are often decisive for success. The "Co-Founder Space" project in Pforzheim starts here - it aims to bring together interdisciplinary teams in a targeted manner in order to facilitate student start-ups and improve their success. To this end, "Co-Founder Space" organizes virtual and physical networking, among other things through workshops that impart knowledge on starting a business in a team. The personal and moderated meetings of the potential founding teams offer added value compared to other initiatives.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation supports "Co-Founder Space" because it promotes the entrepreneurial personality of students in a practical way.


Pictures: (c) Manuel Kleinmann

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