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To complement and support the KSG project managers, the Karl Schlecht Foundation appoints external third parties with practical experience and high-ranking academic experts. These act as KSG area experts (=KBE) and are remunerated as freelance consultants. Further detailed information can be found in SM 140908.Below is a list of the currently active experts (in alphabetical order)


Prof. Dr. Powen Cheng

KSG-Energie-Experte (KEE)

Prof. Dr. Powen Cheng is Professor at the Stuttgart Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) and advises the Karl Schlecht Foundation on energy efficiency technologies in the following projects:

Reutlinger Energiezentrum (REZ)

Institut für Energieeffizienz in der Produktion (EEP)






Dr. Rainer Funk

KSG-Fromm-Experte (KFE)

Dr. Rainer Funk, psychoanalyst, administers the estate and rights of the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm. He is also a specialist in social psychology and character theory. He heads the Erich Fromm Institute, which is funded by the Karl Schlecht Foundation, and advises the Foundation on all related topics and questions.

Erich Fromm Study Center (IPU)

Erich Fromm Institut Tübingen (EFIT)




Dr. Ingrid Hamm

KSG-Stiftungs-Expertin (KSE)                                                                        

Dr. Ingrid Hamm has been a member of the Karl Schlecht Foundation's Board of Trustees since January 2016 and is also an actively engaged consultant, especially on the national and international foundation network and on personnel issues (see SM 160101).





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