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Implement ethical values within companies and encourage leadership excellence skills

Led by the motto "Excellence through Ethics", the Karl Schlecht foundation is devoted to practice-oriented transfer of excellent corporate governance principles that are based on ethical values.

In this context, the "character" and the personality of entrepreneurs or managers is taken especially into focus. Thanks to the establishment of University Chairs and institutions as well as the sponsoring of doctoral candidates and students, the Karl Schlecht Foundation supports the research in leading companies and high School teaching regarding biophilehumanisticethics (*) and value-oriented global business ethics as Tools for success.

The globalisation of economy and society has many positive aspects in terms of growing markets with a sound economic background, leading to increasing opportunities in the job market and rising income levels. These advantages are countered by certain disadvantages arising through the exploitation of natural resources and the increasing disparity between rich and poor as well as the so-called “McDonalisation” of culture.

Human weaknesses such as indifference and carelessness (Core sins) are often identified as the causes for negative external consequences, but also reckless or egocentric behavior, ruthless profit-driven decision-making and the acceptance of undue advantages to the disadvantage of society and coming generations.

In order to counteract this development the Karl Schlecht Foundation wants to raise awareness of internationally recognised ethical norms, for example the Golden Rule and its implementation for conducting ethical business every day whilst building trust, based on the "Worldethics Idea" (see SM 121126) and the 5-Question Probe.

Against this background, the KSG also pursues the objective of helping children, youngsters and students as well as executive staff develop an ethical value-based personality and good character. It`s priority will be to provide positive incentives for university research and teaching Leadership Excellence (LEIZ) for making correct decisions based on global ethical norms and GOODNESS principles following our KSG - motto. During their studies, students, managers and leaders of tomorrow should be accompanied throughout their career to provide them with a value-oriented management training by organising doctorate courses/workshops or international summer academies.

Besides imparting universal ethical values in universities, the KSG puts special focus on translating ethical values into business.

(*) more in SM 140210 and "Man for himself" by Erich Fromm

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