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Widmung KSG-Forum "Good Leadership"

The main focus of the Karl Schlecht Foundation KSG which was  founded in 1998, is "Good Leadership" with trust building as a decisive success factor. Following the first Ethics Day in 2015, we will limit and concentrate in the second KSG Forum 2018 on individual ethical value awareness in profit-oriented business. The great physicist Werner Heisenberg already said with a wise foresight:

"The problems of the future are not questions of technology, but questions of ethics.

Ethics means for the individual human being lived intrinsic ethics, how it helps to internalize well lived religion in the commandments and how it neutralizes the Global Ethic idea.

The funds for our KSG promotion have been so earned in my company Putzmeister, which actually works as a "human factory" and is always scientifically run. Based on this, the successful motto grew

"To rejoice in serving better, to create values".

With KSG Foundation funds, we ultimately want to teach young people at universities in an effective and exemplary manner and pass on to them what is essential for a successful life. Supported institutes and teachers may actually only see themselves as "means to a good end".

Therefore we would like to concentrate in the current KSG Forum on the 3 human success factors for exemplary leadership personalities which have a lasting effect here.

1. confidence building, 2. making the right decisions and 3. love for one's own actions

This Spiritual Leadership Trio (SLT) is, of course, only a small part of the wide learning spectrum of leadership art. Since the foundation was established in 1998, however, they have been the actual field of action and task of our ethically non-profit KSG.

What is practiced in the value-creating business for this purpose certainly radiates into many areas of our good German society, to which we serve and to which we owe almost everything.

The KSG Forum is therefore not just about getting to know all the project managers invited here personally. Important for everyone is the knowledge we have gathered since then through our support, reflected in the above-mentioned 3 human success factors.

The goal is the active networking of our support community. It is necessary to create synergies and to recognize the human essentials for good leadership in business in order to convey this to young people in a practice-oriented way in the future. This then leads to "Industry 5.0" - the human being.

Your partner for all questions is Mrs.Katharina Springwald, (sdk(at) Tel.: 07127/599419).


Videos of Lectures

Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt - Youtube-Video (15 Min.)

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. J. Menno Harms - Youtube-Video (12 Min.)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel - Youtube-Video (14 Min.)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger - Youtube-Video (15 Min.)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek - Youtube-Video (12 Min.)

Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland - Youtube-Video (14 Min.) 

Presentations KSG - Forum 2018

Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt Text Download
Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel Präsentation Download - Text Download
Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger Download  (1,5 MB)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek - Präsentation - Download - Text Download
Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland - Präsentation - Download


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