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Entrepreneur-Donor of success

Speech addressed on 21st July 2006 at the conference hall of the Stuttgart City Hall in the mentor conference of the Educational Institute Baden-Württemberg. The speech was held without preparation. Therefore, this manuscript is merely an additional information for the numerous auditors and mentors.

"Probably you think that I am a socially engaged and succesful entrepreneur, since I was invited for this event to speak about a freely chosen subject. I have chosen the title "Success the old way". In the invitation you can read "to engage oneself - to improve society - to create values" Let me suggest to ask yourself in an hour what I was able to really transmit to you - because I would like to give special attention to the questions which you will be going to ask me after my speech.  

Mr. Link`s wish to hold a speech today gives me the opportunity to put myself in question as commonly accepted entrepreneur and founder of a big non-profit foundation because the question regarding the reasons of success in one`s life is more difficult to answer than the causes of failure.

If you are interested you can download the complete speech here as pdf

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