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Article from "Region Stuttgart", the industrial magazine of Stuttgart - June 2011

Topical article from the industrial magazine Stuttgart of June 2011 in German language "The good Mr. Schlecht" 

In this first edition especially successful or simply extraordinary persons are presented. All of them are connected in one way or another to high schools and universities in the Stuttgart area.

On page 20 to 24 you will find the report about Karl Schlecht. You can view or download the article by clicking on the above mentioned link.

Link to the editor Wirtschaftsregion Stuttgart: 


Portrait about Karl Schlecht in the Rotary Magazine 11/2011

Article from the Rotary Magazine in German

"Oh gäb`s no meeh so Kerle"  (if there were only more guys like him"

Link to the editor Rotary Magazine: 


Article from "Der Spiegel" - No. 17/23.4.2011

In the interview published in the German magazine  "Der Spiegel"  Karl Schlecht reflects about his pumps and the current ongoings in Fukushima.

You can download "Die Beine der Riesenspinne" from "Der Spiegel" of 23rd April 2011 by clicking here.


Article from "Stuttgarter Zeitung" of 7tth April 2011

The highly interesting article  "Eine Lieferung in die Hölle - delivery to hell" describes the importance and role of Putzmeister concrete pumps after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and Fukushima.  You can download the article by clicking here.

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