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True to his motto ....

      "rejoice in serving, improve, create value" ...

       MASTERSHIP with Liebe zum Tun through "fidelity"

he left "his" company, which had grown to a turnover of one billion € in 2008 as planned - shown here in Prospekt PM 261.

The worldwide "Putzmeister family of companies" and their strategies, which at that time were based on uniform values (*), were described by him in 2005 in the so-called "Putzmeister World Book" in English - in coordination with the management at that time. This PWB can be downloaded here.

Because its future-oriented content from 50 years of entrepreneurship experience is no longer actively used by the current Putzmeister management, the content of the PWB is no longer considered confidential and can be used as learning material for "master students" in the wide range of institutes and university chairs supported by KSG for Leadership Excellence.

In wise foresight, Karl Schlecht had already contributed 99% of the Putzmeister shares to his non-profit Karl Schlecht Foundation KSG in 1998. At the age of 65, he consciously moved from Putzmeister's position as CEO to the supervisory board as chairman and left the board on his own initiative at the age of 75, in order to represent the 90% Putzmeister voting rights as a major shareholder in KSF.

At the beginning of 2012, he transferred these shares to  Sany Heavy Industry Co. which is oriented on the same values as Putzmeister (see KSG value catalog and 5-Way Test). SANY is the purely private, largest construction machinery manufacturer in China. This united two "world market leaders" in the field of concrete pumps in the global competition for best future security. During the merger, both also founded the jointly sponsored Global Ethic Institute at the first-rate BEIDA University in Beijing (see interview Karl Schlecht SM 12011.

The fact that Karl Schlecht's constant efforts to create an exemplary PM corporate culture are still bearing fruit today is demonstrated by the "Best Employer" award presented to PM in March 2016 as the result of a survey of company members of numerous German employers.

You can find the PM group of companies with its worldwide committed subsidiaries on the website Company Putzmeister.. Separated from SANY, Putzmeister continues to concentrate on concrete pumps and placing booms for conveying concrete, mortar and industrial thick materials.

As distinct from SANY, Putzmeister continues to concentrate on concrete pumps and placing booms for pumping concrete, mortar and industrial slurries.

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