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Filum - place of learning

Karl Schlecht Music School

Karl Schlecht has supported the Filderstadt School of Music over many years, both from his own means and via the charitable Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG).

In 2012 Karl Schlecht decided together with his wife to devote 13 Million € to the building of a new music school to support an investment in a vastly improved facility: FILUM.

A further € 300.000 are also be made available annually to support existing local government investments in the day-to-day running of the school.

Wilford Schupp architects (today Orange Blu), were able to ensure a clear complementarity of thematic and acoustic needs by integrating musical instrument forms into the building`s design. Please find the FILUM flyer in English language.

The official opening was held on Friday 9 December 2016, directly followed by an Open Weekend allowing the visitors to acquaint themselves with the new FILUM facilities. The positive comments we have received from FILUM visitors speak for themselves: the modern building, electric concert hall and open, friendly atmosphere have already left their mark on the local community.

Inaugural performances in the concert hall from the Music School’s Youth Symphony Orchestra and members of the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, led by Conductor Robert Wieland, added the magic final touch to the opening festivities.

‘This is now a place one where one can learn to love,’ an emotional Karl Schlecht said in his moving address to a packed audience of invited local guests, including former Baden-Württemberg Minister President Erwin Teufel and Filderstadt Mayor Christoph Traub, who thanked the KSG for an ‘enormous gift’ to the local community.

Objective of the FILUM
Learn to Love LEARNING – personal development through Music

Those who love to play music will, inspite of the effort involved, achieve mastery if given the opportunity to develop their talents.

The FILUM aims to provide such a platform to motivated learners and to allow them to experience early in life the joy of learning which is at the heart of all professional success, including the entrepreneurial success of founder Karl Schlecht. Children, adolescents and adults receive, irrespective of social or ethnic background, a broad range of professional musical training in a variety of musical traditions. 


Information about concerts and other events can be found on the FILUM website.

"Leadership im Orchester" am 10.10.2018

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