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Rainbow Filharmonie

In 1994 Karl Schlecht donated to his hometown an oversize bronze sculpture named "Krautmarie". In the pedestrian zone of Bernhausen the "Krautmarie" is symbol of the simple and hard work of cabbage harvesting which Karl Schlecht`s ancestors and he himself had to do for their living. In the grim war years Karl Schlecht had leant as boy to carry out hard field work in the wet and cold autumn days. In the periphery of the present Stuttgart Airport the reputeed cabbage called "Filderkraut" has been the distinctive agricultural product of his hometown for centuries. And now in 1994 the contrary with these coloured lips brilliant full of joy!

This artwork created by ROSALIE was donated to Filderstadt/Bernhausen after almost 50 business years by Karl Schlecht - founder and owner of the Putzmeister company and it is intended to embellish the "Filharmonie" which is 20 years old.

And what does the sculpture symbolise? What are these lips intended to indicate pictorially.....?

Lips raise expectations for more enriching experiences which visitors to the Filharmonie should feel when seeing the sculpture.

Throughout life, much gets in and out of lips which enriches, delights and makes happy

Lips sense love - the ultimate craving of mankind  ...... lips in a rainbow - symbol of harmony for all people in the world

Today I am happy about this artwork which has been completed - not only because it embellishes the hitherto cold and grey iron sheet construction, but also because this rainbow made by Rosalie creates a warm, human and joyful athomsphere in the most beautiful colours of the sky in a rainbow full of hope.

(Here you can download in German language the complete speech as pdf)



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