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Krautmarie Bernhausen

The sculpture was donated by Karl Schlecht in the year 1996 to his hometown Filderstadt/Bernhausen. 

It shows in overnatural size a peasant woman (grandmother of Karl Schlecht) and a boy (Karl Schlecht) harvesting cabbage in the field.  

The sculpture serves the purpose of reminding ensuing ages about the tradition of their hometown to honour this difficult and simple agricultural work. Over centuries it secured the existence of people living in Filderstadt/Bernhausen.

At the same time, the sculpture is historical monument of the war times when Karl Schlecht learned to do hard work - his father served at the front - what he disliked very much. He had school and technical issues in mind. But the agricultural work nourished his family in hard times. The way he hard to save money and work hard was the fundament for the business activities of Karl Schlecht in later years.

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