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FILUM Symphony Orchestra

Karl and Brigitte Schlecht have been supporting the Filharmonisches Kammerorchester for many years and are happy about the impressive development.

In 1995 Robert Wieland, teacher for violin, viola and orchestra conducting at the Filderstadt Music School, founded the "Filderstadt Chamber Orchestra" with colleagues from his music school and from the entire region.

On 1 April 1995 the orchestra gave its debut concert in the Johanneskirche in Filderstadt-Bernhausen.  Highly praised by the press, the orchestra began a successful series of concerts throughout the region. In addition to orchestral and church concerts, conductor Robert Wieland established a series of discussion concerts, at which the musical works of the concert were introduced.

The orchestra accompanied operettas, operas, children's and family concerts and performed a number of great oratorios: Handel's "Messiah", Bach's "Christmas Oratorio" and Mozart's "Requiem".

After the concert halls of the Cultural and Congress Centre "FILharmonie" in Bernhausen became the orchestra's permanent venue, the orchestra changed its name to
"Filharmonisches Kammerorchester".

The chamber orchestra has developed from a string ensemble at first into a symphonic greatness and can thus offer a variety of concerts from the baroque "Concerto grosso" to the great romantic opera.

The orchestra's fixed dates include the annual New Year's Concert at the FILharmonie and the summer court concert at the Bioland Gemüsehof Hörz in Bonlanden, which offers musical delights in a festive atmosphere.

The members of the Filharmonisches Kammerorchester are also lecturers at the Jugendsinfonieorchester Filderstadt, with which a fruitful cooperation has developed over many years..

The new music school centre "FILUM" was built by the Karl Schlecht Foundation in Filderstadt-Bernhausen, the birthplace of the founder. The Youth Symphony Orchestra as well as the Filharmonisches Kammerorchester will become the main part of the Filum, for which the new hall will mainly be built as a rehearsal and concert venue.

The inauguration of the FILUM Music School took place from 9 - 11 December 2016.


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