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Strengthening the regions around Stuttgart

Aichtal, about 20 kilometres southwest of Stuttgart, is the headquarters of the Putzmeister company, which generated the assets of the Karl Schlecht Foundation. The Stuttgart region and in particular his hometown Filderstadt-Bernhausen are therefore particularly close to the heart of the founder Karl Schlecht.

As part of its regional support, the Karl Schlecht Foundation supports projects related to its funding priorities, which are intended to strengthen the attractiveness of the Stuttgart region.

The third regional KSG project "FILUM Music School" has grown from its first idea in 2010 to the completion of the building in December 2016 into a multifaceted complex, which is a lasting and forward-looking project for KSG. The FILUM Music School forms a triad with Filderstadt's Skulpur "Krautmarie" and the "Filips Rainbow", which is attached to the nearby Filharmonie event centre.



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