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Among the outstanding personalities with vision and charisma from whom one can learn are people like the following : 

  1. BITTER, Wilhelm
    more about Wilhelm Bitter and his numerous and partly sold out publications
  2. EURICH, Claus
    Spiritualität und Ethik - Auf dem Weg zu einem Ethos des Einsseins
  3. FROMM, Erich
    see Erich Fromm Bücher und Videos und Erich Fromm Institut (EFIT) 
    see PM 08129, SM 140101
    A German career - fro Alfred Platthaus - siehe PM 06119
  6. KÜNG, Hans
    The global ethic is the moral core common to all cultures of mankind. This all-encompassing thought is the basis of the numerous writings and books by Prof. Hans Küng.
  7. LAY, Rupert Prof. Dr.
    More Information about Prof. Dr. Rupert Lay and his numerous and partly sold out publications; see also No. 10 (Ulf D. Posé, "Ambassador of Rupert Lay")
  8. POSÉ, Ulf -  "Ambassador of Rupert Lay"
    see the Publication about his life, SM141001and SM 04093
  10. ROETZ, Heiner
    In his book "Confucius", the sinologist and private lecturer describes how he shaped the economic rise of East Asia as a model of discipline.  The book is on our NPW. For log-in for this protected area please send mail to Info(at)
  11. SCHMIDT, Helmut , former chancellor of Germany
    see SM/PM 07066
  12. TEUFEL, Erwin
    "Gewissen für das Ganze"
    "Gewissen für das Ganze" (Kurzfassung)
  13. WELCH, Jack - with Suzy Welch
    WINNING (Deutsche Übersetzung)
  14. ZOTZ, Volker
    The philosophy and cultural historian (born 1956) taught history of philosophy at the University of Vienna from 1991. In 1989/90 and 1994-99 he worked at the universities of Ryukoku and Otani in Kyoto (Japan).
    In his book on Confucius, he explains that he did not see himself as a philosopher, but as a teacher of values. The book is on our NPW. For log-in for this protected area please send mail to Info(at)

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    Last update: 201111

This exemplary list is regularly extended with personalities with whom KSG maintains direct or indirect contacts.

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