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The Chair on Entrepreneurship SEH

The chair on entrepreneurship at the University of Hohenheim, subsequently SEH, is integrated in the Institute for Business Administration of the V faculty (Economics and Social Sciences). The chair’s staff currently includes one professor, three student assistants and one secretary. SEH offers all university students courses within the scope of their main studies’ elective Entrepreneurship. Equally across faculties, SEH is actively involved in the interdisciplinary Center of Entrepreneurship which initiates research works at the University and actively contributes to the coordination of regional formation programmes and those that promote the mittelstand.

In terms of content, the SEH orients itself by the founder’s guiding principle: as far as he is concerned,  an entrepreneur is any person who, on the road to fulfilling their vision, again and again rises above themselves, pulling others along so that all may be winners. The SEH provides students with entrepreneurial experience taken from structures of companies of the mittelstand. These are aimed at the founding of companies, small and medium sized companies as well as intrapreneurship in large concerns. In this way the entire spectre of entrepreneurial matters shall be addressed, its emphasis being on MBH – Management of Business Humanity. In this context and in the series on “entrepreneurship, experienced business personalities shall regularly give first hand talks so as to share their corporate experience and to enter into the discussion.

As regards the SEH’s research works, priority shall be given to effective leadership in medium-sized companies while concentrating on the human factors; all problems occurring in companies may be traced back to human error. Laying it open in the sense of “serving, improving, creating values, and thus eliminating the cause of trouble in a lasting fashion, is at the heart of our considerations.

The inability to refrain from this learning process needs to be brought to the surface and made effective in its human factors of influence. Tracking down problems (opportunities) as in a passionate quest for truth is what students are meant to take with them as their personal concern on their journey through life.

This is, at the same time, the most effective tool in building professional competence as a basis for proper decision-making in business.

SEH research needs to be carried out on practical examples in order to develop pictographic and memorable course contents designed for this objective. In companies, a part of this is the development of staff member curricula which, instead of being random, ensures that life-long learning takes place in a more professional way. It is in this way and within the frame of COLUCO i.e. Corporate Learning University and Corporation, that both parties share in the learning.

Within the scope of this entrepreneurship research, essentially five core areas shall be addressed:

1. Personality of the male/female entrepreneur

2. Conditions as regards scope and organisation as well as acting at leadership level of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

3. Mechanisms in learning and motivation to learn 

4. Knowledge management in SME as an integral part of executive functions, professional competence promotion in a life-long learning process, (vocational) training with elements based on practical management scenarios and entrepreneurship. 

5. Promotion of management out of universities as well as in existing companies of the mittelstand.

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Prof. Christoph Müller - Karl Schlecht - Prof. Andreas Kuckertz


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