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Strengthen cultural education, discover artistic talents

Children are still likely to encounter a lack of participation in cultural activities. Even today, young people receiving a higher education level, especially benefit from educational programs offered by cultural institutes.

Children and young adults from a so-called "educationally deprived" background have fewer acccess to art and culture.  At the same time, it seems that  the artistic and aesthetic education for children  is more and more fading into the background as a result of the PISA study and other performance assessments.

Being convinced that cultural/musical/aesthetical education imparts values by fostering integral human development the KSG wishes to improve opportunities and access to art and culture for all children and adolescents.

Moreover, the objective is to open up opportunities for individual and talented youngsters and creative artists to act out one`s talents.


Berliner Festspiele Stückmarkt


Junge Deutsche Oper Berlin


Musikschule FILUM

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