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World Ethos at school

In addition to the practical information on global economic business ethic, the promotion of the World Ethos Idea in educational and non-educational institutions is the key goal of the World Ethos Foundation in Tübingen (SWT) because the knowledge about the differences among cultures and religions should be experienced and practiced at an early age. Consequently, the project "World Ethos at school" was started in 2013 as SWT`s main project with a budget of 100.000 €.

The SWT wants to motivate children and young people to rethink aspects of their approach to people and arouse their curiosity to learn more about different cultures / religions. This can help to reduce prejudices and thus build awareness of tolerance based on common values.

The Foundation will offer learning program competitions, trainings and guidance for educators and teachers and organise exhibitions and  multimedia projects as well as promote the idea through the internet platform "A Global Ethic now!" ( by oulining the most different approaches for the practical implementation of the World Ethic Idea in the kindergarten and school life.

Against this background the current funding for the World Ethos Foundation will especially be targeted towards the ongoing school project at the Eduard-Spranger-Gymnasium in Filderstadt with exhibitions and trainings to convey the World Ethos Idea. 

Picture Archive of the exhibition 1st March 2013 at the Eduard-Spranger Gymnasium can be found here.

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