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Worldethics unites - Religions separate?

We live in a time that is strongly characterized by social contrasts and armed conflicts. The aberration of  religious fanatics and the hunt for power of despots cause considerable human suffering such as the present refugee disasters. This situation obstructs efforts to achieve greater sustainability and development aids and is discouraging people from doing good to others.

Former chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said that peace is more important than human rights, even if it is dearly paid for.

In Hans  Küng`s words: "No peace among the nations without peace among the religions"

Well aware on the fact that in Germany religions already separate adolescents at school with the well-known results, we consider it as our task to put the focus on the Wordethics Idea (**) and it`s unifying and peacemaking beliefs.

It`s central message is: May human beings live together peacefully and lovingly in the spirit of the GOLDEN RULE (*).

It is our task and more important than ever to create awareness of this intrinsic ethic rule which brings together people of all cultures and is a compass for leading a good, value-oriented and successful life.


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(**) Worldethics Idea: SM 121126

(**) Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


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