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Studienkompass - motivating and supporting pupils in studies

In all areas of economy and society, well educated people are in demand. But many enterprises still thirst after the talented younger generation. This problem will be worsened in the coming years.

With the help of the funding initiative “Study Compass”, more pupils are motivated to receive the education which matches their talent. Pupils from families without academic qualifications or with individual difficulties are particularly encouraged. Study Compass supports and assists these pupils during the last two years before they attain the certificate of higher education and in the first academic year. Meanwhile, already more than 2000 juveniles could be supported in making important decisions about their future careers. In Stuttgart, Freiburg and Tübingen / Reutlingen, 50 young people are included in the sponsoring in the summer of 2013.

The program “Study Compass” is a joint initiative of the Foundation of German Economy, the Accenture Foundation and the German Bank Foundation. Study Compass is carried out in three places in Baden- Württemberg in cooperation with the Karl Schlecht Foundation.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation promotes “Study Compass”, as it provides educationally disadvantaged juveniles with a successful transition into the university through the individual sponsoring program.

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