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Komische Oper Berlin

Projects for disadvantaged children

In order to enable children from socially disadvantaged families to visit the opera, the Komische Oper Berlin has been developing music theatre educational projects for pupils for more than ten years. Young people between the ages of 5 and 18 experience the staging of stories in hands-on workshops and guided tours of the opera house. In the form of the "children's opera" they experience music as a form of expression beyond pure words. Finally they visit together with their families a performance.

Since 2009, the Komische Oper Berlin has wanted to inspire above all an audience with Turkish roots for the opera. The Karl Schlecht Foundation has been supporting the Komische Oper since 2013 because it is convinced that the musical-cultural education of children makes a special contribution to the character and personality development of young people.

Pictures: (c) Aurelio Schrey

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