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Erich Fromm Institut Tübingen (EFIT)


For years Karl Schlecht has been pursuing possible ways of promoting the teachings of Erich Fromm. A significant result of this is now the opening of the Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen (EFIT) on 30th January, 2015.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation  has acquired premises for the EFIT directly next to the World Ethics Institute in Tübingen.  The main goal of EFIT is to make Erich Fromm’s legacy accessible to a wide public and to set up the institute as a unique worldwide researh centre in memory and honour of Erich Fromm’s work. The proximity to the World Ethics Institute should serve the synergeticcollaboration of both institutes.


Now publically accessible at EFIT:
Erich Fromm’s archive and reference library

To safeguard Fromm’s legacy for the future, the Karl Schlecht Foundation has been financing a project with over 50,000 € since 2012 – to digitise his writing and notes, which had until then been in the possession of Dr. Rainer Funk, his administrator. This work has now been assimilated into the EFIT.

The Erich Fromm Archive is a collection of not only the complete works and various works of Erich Fromm but it also includes different editions of diverse papers and their translations.The works of Erich Fromm have thereby been made extensively available and have been recorded bibliographically.

Available  now uniquely for scientific research is also the collection of preliminary work, original manuscripts and publisher’s manuscripts of individual books and numerous articles which Fromm wrote during the course of his life.

In addition to this, Erich Fromm’s reference library also exists with a total of over 3,500 volumes and almost 20,000 individual titles recorded bibliographically.  Also compiled bibliographically are approximately 1000 excerpts which Erich Fromm wrote regarding books in his reference library and also personal notes he wrote in the books themselves.



Erich Fromm Institute Tübingen
Hintere Grabenstrasse 26
72070 Tübingen


Opening Hours:

Thursday and Friday from 12 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. A free tour takes place on Saturdays at 3 pm.


More can be found out about KSG’s commitment to Erich Fromm by referring toa report in the magazine “Erich Fromm” of the International Erich Fromm Society.

Meanwhile in the field of commercial publishing, most of Erich Fromm’s books can now  be ordered in their original English version as e-book.



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