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aed Verein zur Förderung von Architektur, Engineering und Design in Stuttgart e.V.

aed "neuland"-Förderpreis - Young designers' competition for young designers

aed e.V. is an initiative founded by Stuttgart engineers, architects and designers. Its aim is to promote architects, graphic artists, designers, engineers and other designers in the Stuttgart region and to bring them closer to the public.

With the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the aed is awarding the "neuland" prize, a competition for young designers focusing on innovation and sustainability. The Karl Schlecht Foundation has been supporting the prize since 2013, as it is a special way of promoting young talent in the field of artistic design.

The competition for young talent is aimed at universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences, academies and institutes in the fields of architecture, engineering, interior design, industrial and product design as well as communication design and exhibition design. The submitted works will also be shown in an exhibition after the award ceremony, which will go on "wanderings".

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Pictures:  (c) René Müller

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